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Fotograf: Carin Germundsson ID: 1562
Ras: Gotlandsfår Plats: Hästveda
Individnr: - Datum: 2008-08-01
Produktionsplats: - Unika visningar:1413
Ser ni fåret
Anonym, 2012-10-06, 23:44
I believe we are 'soul sirtess' on how we rejoice in the seasons, dear Tyra, Advent a high note for our family also. However, I hate to say goodbye to November since I love not only its early golden glow, bountiful harvest, and rich foods that grace our tables but mostly because its the month in which both my youngest son and I were born. But like you hate the short days when I feel like jumping into jammies instead of dining 'al fresco':)

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